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During your MRI exam you will lie comfortably on a table and your technologist will provide you with pillows or pads. Your technologist then positions a coil around the part of your body to be scanned. This helps to acquire the images and is painless. You will also be offered ear plugs or you may choose to listen to your favorite music - which you may bring with you.


Your technologist will operate the scanner from an adjacent room. However, your technologist can see and hear you at all times. You can also see your technologist through a window. When the scan begins you will hear a knocking sound that ranges from barely audible to quite noticeable; this is normal. Your images are being acquired. You should remain relaxed and as still as possible since movement will cause your images to be blurry. Remember, you may have a friend or family member sit with you in the MRI room to help you to relax.





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