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In general, there are no special preparations to follow before your exam. However, the magnet used is powerful and will cause certain metallic objects to become dislodged. These objects can also interfere with the scan and cause your images to be distorted. The magnet can also cause electronic devices to stop working. For these reasons, before we can scan you, we very carefully screen you when you first call to make your appointment and again when you arrive for your exam.


When you call to schedule your MRI be sure to tell us if:


•  You have a pacemaker or other implanted medical devices


•  There is a possibility that you may be pregnant


•  You have any metal fragments on your body e.g if you work around metal grinding equipment  and could potentially have metal fragments in your eyes or if you have tattoos


•  You are on oxygen


•  You  are claustrophobic - you may want to ask your doctor to prescribe a sedative to take  prior to your study


•  You are in pain and cannot lie still - you may want to take pain medication prior to your exam


•  Your doctor requires that your study is performed with contrast


We ask that you remove all body piercings, eye make-up (if your head or face is being scanned) and hairpins. It is also best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, however, you may be asked to change into a patient gown. For your convenience, we provide a secure locker to store your belongings.


If you have had a previous scan e.g X-ray, MRI or CT, on the part of your body that we will scan, please bring any reports or CDs with the images of these previous studies.

Please also remember to bring your:


•  Written order from your physician


•  Authorization, if required, from your insurance company


•  Picture ID


•  Insurance card



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