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MRI Guidelines




Patients that have either had prior surgeries on the body part being scanned or are being screened for a mass are usually administered gadolinium (contrast) to better highlight these pathologies.


However, patients must be screened for:


•  Renal disease (including solitary kidney; renal transplant and tumor; dialysis)


•  Hepatic disease


•  Liver transplant


•  Hypertension


•  Diabetes.


For your patients that are 65 years of age and older please order lab work that measure their BUN, creatinine and GFR. These labs cannot be older than 6 weeks.





If appropriate, please consider prescribing:


•  A sedative for your claustrophobic patients


•  Pain medication those patients who are in pain


These patients will probably have difficulty remaining still during the exam. They should take their medication prior to their exam and should have someone drive them to the facility.





While we screen all patients to ensure that they can be scanned using MRI, we have the unique ability to scan patients that have MRI compatible implants as compared to the higher field magnets. Since these magnets operate at 30,000 to 60,000 times the strength  of the earth’s magnetic field, reaching decibel levels in excess of 130 dBA, many of the current implants have not been evaluated for these higher magnetic fields.


However, we cannot scan patients who have the following implanted:


•  Certain Pacemakers


•  ICD or Defibrillators


•  Cochlear Implants


•  Loop Recorder


•  Vagus Nerve Stimulator


•  Bladder Stimulator


•  Spinal Neurostimulator


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